Working on the necessary studies in preparation for future projects to be implemented within the five-year plan
1-Study of a Transmission Pipeline from Jannah Dam (transferring Jannah Dam water to Beirut), diameter of 1200 mm.
2- Desalination project of the Burj Al-Barajneh wells to equip the Burj Al-Barajneh area and its suburbs with an amount of 3500 cubic meter per day.
3- Study of supplying drinking water to the Kharoub region from Bisri wells to the main reservoir in Bsaba, with a capacity of 200 cubic meter/per hour.
4- Study of the rehabilitation and restoration of the main draft canal from the Jeita Qashqush spring to the main Dbayeh station
5- Study and implementation of a purification and pumping station in the town of Fatri, Jbeil District
6- Study and implementation of water installations and construction of 500 cubic meter tanks and pumping stations in the regions of Ehmej and Al-Makhadah (after a well was drilled in the Al-Makhadah region 100 cubic meters per day)
7- Establishing and equipping a pumping station in Al-Wardaniyah with a main line and constructing a 99-cubic-meter tank.