Refining and desalination
The project of the refining and desalination plant in Hadath was placed under investment in August 2018, a year after the establishment prepared the plant.
The station's mission is to refine and desalinate the wells of Hazmieh, Qurtbawi and the Semaan Gallery.
Station characteristics:
1- The total amount of water entering the plant: 6.500 m3 / day with a maximum salinity of 12,000 mg / liter
2- The amount of refined water coming out of the plant: 4.200 m3 / day with a salinity of 550 mg / liter. Its properties fall within the international specifications for water properties
3- The water is pumped to the main assembly reservoir in Hazmieh, which feeds the areas of Chiyah and Ghobeiri, Haret Hreik, Ain Al-Rummaneh, Al-Amerkan neighborhood, Matta, Al-Jamous, Sainte Therese, Al-Laylaki, Al-Maamoura.