How can we pay for the water subscription for 2020 in four installments?
Kindly find below the info related to the payment installments: First installment: before March 31, 2020 The second batch: before May 31, 2020 The third installment: before July 31, 2020 Fourth installment: before the end of 2020
Where can we fill an application form?
You can fill an application form at any EBML department, or by simply filling it on the Website's "Forms" section or Mobile App.
Where are the EBML centers located?
Kindly refer to the the website's "Contact us" page for locations, addresses, and further contact details.
What are the papers required for applying to a water caliber?
Kindly refer to the "Forms" page for all related info.
How can we know the amount to be paid to the institution?
What are the documents required to transfer water caliber from one person to another?
Kindly refer to the "Forms" page --> "Demand Change Subscriber Name", with a 90% discount for this year!
How can we report faults and leaks?
You can submit a complaint through our ticketing system on the Website or the App, or by simply dialing our call center hotline on 1713
What is the cost of the meter and the annual fee?
The Annual fees for gauge are 349,000 LBP – 444,000 LBP for water meter.
Can we get water in the unsorted apartments?
Yes, can subscribe as a temporary subscriber