EBML denies rumors of employing users and confirms its commitment to the law
"To stand in the face of false news that undermines the confidence of the citizen that the Foundation has endeavored to restore."
 EBML has completely denied the news, which were reported in a Lebanese newspaper and reported by some social media outlets, about illegal employment in the institution. The Foundation issued the following statement

First: The management of the institution is fully committed to implementing the Lebanese laws and public policy of the Lebanese state, which freezes employment in public institutions. Consequently, it is not at all recruiting because it is not the authority of the corporation to recruit, and all the names mentioned in the false news exhibition do not exist in the corporation's files and there are no financial or moral rights for their owners.

Second: The institution, which suffers from a lot of void, like other public institutions, contracts under transparent tenders with contractors who come with seasonal workers in order to carry out the work required of the institution, which is keen to meet people's needs of water. In fact, the names published under the pretext that they are employees lack a lot of accuracy, as some of them did not work at all with the contractors delegated by the institution, while others worked for a limited period only, knowing that the contractor alone has the freedom to decide whom to hire or send away from these seasonal workers. 

Third: The Foundation reaffirms that its doors are open to anyone who wants to inquire about anything related to its work. As for publishing false news in order to generate interest, it will only confirm the lack of credibility of the media that publishes the news and the lack of seriousness of the social media that rushes to report the news.

Fourth: The Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment appeals to the media, workers, and activists in public affairs not to help the defaming the institution's reputation and undermining the confidence of the citizen at a time when its officials are working hard to restore the link that has been missing for decades between the institution and the citizen, and last year's experience has opened a new page and the transparent cooperation has given the public service its true commitment .

The work and satisfaction of the participants are the best proof.