Jbeil day for Eng. Jean Gibran to complete the correction of violations

"We insist on the success of the campaign to avoid the problems in summer, and we will not compromise with any shortcomings ."

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Director General of EBML, Eng. Jean Gebran, will complete a campaign to remove violations of water subscriptions from all regions and departments within the scope of the organization's work. A day was devoted to the city of Byblos, where he launched a correction campaign in the mountainous regions in coordination with the security forces to uncover any place that contained water smuggling and unlawful opening of calibers.

Gebran chaired a meeting of the employees working in the Byblos Department attended by the foundation's director of distribution, Rabie Khalifa, the head of the department and the officials of the committees, workers and users, and they were informed by the Chairman, about specific and clear instructions in order to ensure the seriousness of the campaign and meet the needs of the citizens of Byblos, stressing the lack of tolerance with any employee if he ignores potential violations. Engineer Gibran said: "We insist on the success of this campaign with the beginning of the summer season in order to avoid possible problems in this season and we will not accept any shortcomings of workers and employees in the institution" in this field.

He reiterated his call to subscribers to inform the  establishment of any violation committed so that it can be corrected without incurring any fine, but in the event of lagging on that, EBML's teams will set records and impose fines.

Gebran announced that the reform of the irrigation canal that feeds the coastline that had been affected by the rainy season will end next week, so farmers will get their needs and even their right to irrigation water, noting what they showed in coordination and cooperation with the foundation.