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Every water and sanitation establishment within its scope exploitation and competence the following activities:

a-     Study, implementation, investment, maintenance and renewal of water projects for the distribution of drinking water and irrigation, and collection, and treatment and disposal of wastewater in accordance with the general business plan for water and sanitation or the prior approval of the ministry on the use of public water sources of public water or the locations of water purification plants or new outlets to discharge wastewater.

b-     Suggest tariffs for services of drinking water, irrigation and drainage of wastewater taking into consideration the social and economic general conditions.

c-      Monitoring the quality of drinking water and irrigation water and the one of wastewater on  the outfalls of the purification plants.

The water establishment operate according to their own bylaws own systems.

The said establishments should conclude contract

With an auditing firm for the accounts and should define its mission by issuing a report on the financial statements and final accounts and internal control regulation adopted in the authority 

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