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Release By EBML- No:009

12 April 2016

           Statement issued by the Water Authority of Beirut and Mount Lebanon - EBML

The Water Authority of Beirut and Mount Lebanon invites all subscribers to settle their due water fees to designated collectors or in all the establishment distribution departments or for those who wish through Online Money Transfer O.M.T. branches or through Netcommerce company which manages secure payment operations and transactions via credit cards through the Internet at the establishment website, VISA through Credit Libanais SAL and MasterCard through Fransabank SAL

The establishment warns all defaulters in paying fees related to year 2016 after all previous time limit warnings to subscribers have expired, and invites them to settle their overdue payments under the penalty of cutting water supply and applying article 24 of the investment bylaws against them, knowing that a monthly delay penalty of 2% will be applied on 2016 related fees starting 01/10/2016.


In light of the economic conditions experienced by the country, the establishment has exempted the delay penalties on the fees of year 2015 and previous years in the rate of  (90%) until 31/12/2016.


The establishment hopes that the valued subscribers will comply with this announcement and settle the amounts due without delay.

This announcement is considered as a warning and personal notification to each subscriber and interrupts the passage of time. 



Chairman of the Board 
     General Director
    Eng. Joseph Nseir

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